Save Energy and Save Money

Automobile Glass Tinting Your home is your largest investment. Solar Control Glass Tinting can help you protect that investment by giving you the control over your environment. Window film will make your home more energy efficient. That means lowering your utility bills, improved comfort, and eliminating "hot spots" in your home. Ask us about the new energy tax credit! You can now receive an immediate 30% return on investment, up to $1,500! We offer films that block up to 84% of the IR (Infra-red) heat, which is the heat you feel. The film also provides insulation for your windows, resulting in maximum heat retention in the winter months.

UV Protection, Glare Reduction, Safety

Car Glass Tinting

Open your blinds, shutters, or draperies and let the sunshine in! All of our films block 99.9% of the UV (Ultra-violet) rays, protecting your furniture, floors, window treatments, and most importantly -you and your family. Our "high definition" films reduce glare by up to 94% making it easier to watch television, work on a computer, or just relax in your house with added privacy. You can also have the peace of mind knowing if an accident or attempted break in occurs, the film will hold shattered glass together, protecting your family and your belongings.

Professional Installation

Automobile Glass Tinting The installation of window film requires no toxic chemicals, solutions, or abrasive materials be used in your residence. Our low ph solutions ensure spotless application with no residue, dirt, or bubbles. We remove and replace all furniture, window treatments, and blinds in the home where applicable for your convenience. The job can usually be completed in one day. With our installation experts and a lifetime warranty as long as you own your home, you can have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that Solar Control stands behind our work. Call today for a fee estimate and let us show you how window tinting can work for you!